How to purchase original art prints

How to purchase original art prints

Collecting art prints has become a popular trend around the globe, as most people now understand the relevance of art. Unlike in the past, when art pieces were quite expensive, you can get a quality piece at an affordable rate. If you have just started collecting original art prints, then you need to follow the right tips to avoid making some costly mistakes.

Start by understanding the difference between an original piece and a reproduction. You can find out this information by examining a print with the help of a magnifying glass. If the piece is a reproduction, you should notice the image breaking up into numerous tiny dots under the magnification. An original art print, on the other hand, looks solid even when magnified.

Determine the right size of the art print you need and check it against the documentation. Focus on the current space that you have at home for you to assess which art print can fit in perfectly. The measurements of every art print are documented, and focusing on this information is essential while buying a piece. You should also do some detective work for you to identify the right art print for your space.

Some buyers often assume that every art piece is a 1st edition. On the contrary, most of the original prints have undergone several editions. Look at the type of paper it is printed on and check whether it features a watermark. The quality of the impression can also determine if the art piece is a first edition or not. Most of the first editions often come with a higher price tag.

You can also focus on lifetime impressions. Such prints are believed to have been produced during the lifetime of an artist. They are known to be more valuable compared to the rest. Most of the art prints often feature a specific date of execution. It may not necessarily be the date that the piece was printed. Ask for a certificate of authenticity before purchasing an art print. Most legit dealers always offer these details to potential customers.

The signature of an artist on a piece sometimes determines its value. Though genuine prints often have a signature, some people are known to forge artists’ signatures. You should, therefore, be careful when you want to buy a signed piece since it is hard to determine its actual value. Try shopping around for you to get the best price of an art piece. Though visiting a gallery store is one of your options when looking for art, it can consume your time.

Focusing on online stores, however, gives you the chance to shop around as you compare the prices offered at different stores. Start your search at for you to find quality art prints at affordable prices. Rather than buying art for the sole purpose of investment, you should buy one because you like it. Doing this can prevent you from any disappointments in case the art print takes time to appreciate in value.